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Ensure your organisation Collaborate Only with Socially Responsible Factories & and meet the CSR code requirement defined by your Brand. Improve your responsible sourcing experience by collaborating with IM & CB factories and suppliers through factory inspections, supplier verification & social compliance audit. As of January 2019, we have stared form large era of the service like Narayangoanj, Gazipur, Dhaka, Chattogram & Over the country.

IM & CB is a leading Social Auditing service provider, serving global brands, importers and retailers since 2012. With expertise in RMG, Knit & Oven also Denim, Textiles and apparel,Jute mill and industrial goods, IM & CB delivers Social Audit services in the countries.

Social compliance is rapidly becoming a top priority for manufacturers and large retailers. IM & CB has worked with more of factories in Bangladesh to ensure that their practices, facilities, and paperwork are consistent with the requirements of major retailers.

Through its social compliance audits, Capacity Development and training services, IM & CB reviews all findings in detail with both you and the factory, and works with factory management to quickly rectify non-compliant areas.

IM & CB focuses on partnership and personalized service: offering the flexibility and attention of the smaller specialized firms with the global presence and capabilities of the traditional third party firms. We provide an extensive portfolio of services and solutions, bringing clients the highest level of experience, knowledge and resources to meet all of their social compliance needs.

Beyond Auditing

We recognize that an effective social compliance program involves more than just auditing. A strong social compliance program requires ongoing collaboration with members of the supply chain, partnering with service providers that have the flexibility and adaptability to support a truly comprehensive social compliance program and collaboration with other brands and/or vendors with the goal of moving towards a common industry code and consistent method of implementation. In order to achieve that, IM & CB social compliance service offers:

  • Auditing and Assessment Services
    1. Pre-Assessments
    2. Management & Systems Assessment
    3. Social Accountability (SA) Audits / Follow-Up Audits
    4. Issue-Specific SA Audits

  • Program Development and Management Services
    1. Vendor & Licensee Program Management
    2. Brand Collaboration Management

Capacity Building & Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs)
  1. Trainings and Seminars
  2. Productivity Programs
  3. Worker Trainings

Types of Factory Audit Services In Bangladesh
  1. Social Compliance Check
  2. Supplier Verification
  3. Factory Audits and Evaluations
  4. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audits
  5. Retail/Brand Specific Compliance Programs
  6. Social Compliance Audits, Training and Capacity Development
  7. The Benefits of Working with IM & CB
  8. Avoid irreparable damage to your business’ reputation caused by working with non-socially compliant factories
  9. Access the compliance level at the facility
  10. Identify specific areas of concern and deficiencies that require corrective action
  11. Train factory management and ensure that it can implement corrective action plans
  12. Maintain regular email and phone communication with the factory to ensure that corrective actions are in progress
  13. Follow-up with future site visits to reassess the compliance level and check the progress

How Can Social Compliance Benefit Your Organization?

IM & CB will work hand-in-hand with your team and the factories that supply you to ensure that suppliers are engaged in fair and legal employment practices, are not causing unacceptable damage to the environment, and are organizations that you would be proud to call partners.