PGD Human Resource Management (PGD-HRM)

Human resource management is the backbone of all the organizations. It matches the manpower requirements both for the present and futuristic needs. The programmed comprises of learning by practical work, case studies, industry interface, research findings, and dissertation covering different areas of human resource management. Students will get an in-depth understanding both from the administrative and behavioral aspects of the subject. It prepares them for their futuristic role learning different perspectives. It will also help them become a better professional because human resource management function is common for every other management function in an organization.

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management is the one of the popular Programs of IM & CB. By which students are benefited to develop their carrier path. IM & CB graduates are proving themselves as effective Industrial personnel in almost all companies in Bangladesh, Our faculty of University teachers, H.R specialists, High ranking H.R Official of various esteemed organizations has made this course Effective & Demandable. This advanced Master Diploma course will help you to get skilled in HRM, Labor Laws, Industrial Relation, Psychology, HR Development etc.

Program goals/ objectives

Demonstrate written and oral communication skills. Student should be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills by understanding the issues with a strong focus on Human Resources Management, evaluating alternatives on the basis of multiple perspectives and presenting a solution including conclusions and implications. Student should be to demonstrate problem solving skills by understanding and defining the problem particularly related to Human Resources Management, analyzing it and solving it by applying appropriate theories, tools and techniques. Develop ability to explain responsible leadership behavior in management Develop a global perspective in management. Student should be able to identify challenges in Human Resources Management faced by the organization at the global level.


  • Participatory training and orientation Class room lecture
  • Reading materials
  • Role Ply and Group presentation
  • Practical audit in one factory And video film show
  • Lot of case study on private/public/NGO/ RMG industry.
  • Subjects of the Training program:

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management
  • Statistics-50
  • ICT-50
  • PART-2:
    • Human Resources Development
    • Strategic Human Resources Planning
    • Labour-2006 & Ruls-2015, AMD-2018
    • Industrial Relation
    • Industrial Safety and Health(ISH)
    • Term Paper
    • Presentation
    • Viva-voice

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